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QSightTM is the Web-based clinical inventory management system from OMSolutions, designed for hospital departments such as cardiac-cath labs, interventional radiology, EP, orthopedic surgery, the O.R. and more.  No costly hardware or software to purchase - simply log in using any Web-connected PC, scan the existing barcode on the product package, and you'll be in total control:

  • Make inventory management easier for your entire staff.
  • Save money by lowering annual inventory spending, minimizing expiration, and reducing inventory on the shelf.
  • Save time by streamlining routine yet critical tasks such as ordering and billing -- and by connecting with an enormous, pre-built database of all your most important products.

Reduces Manual Steps ... To Keep You Focused on Patient Care

QSight fills the gaps between existing hospital software systems, providing a clear, real-time window into what you have, what you need to order, how products are being used, and what itís all worth. Rather than replacing patient registration, purchasing and billing systems, QSight complements them, automating the manual tasks that consume too much staff time at the department level.  And QSight Alerts make it simple to avoid potentially costly problems, like expirations, shortages, overstocking, and delayed or short orders.

You've found what you're looking for - an easier way to see, organize, and manage your most critical inventory and supplies!

The Inventory Solution That Fits Into Your World

Best of all, QSight fits into the way youíre already doing things. Itís Internet-based, so thereís no special software to install and no database to build.

You're up and running quickly, with an initial count and training provided on-site by OMSolutions specialists. 

So ease the pain and discomfort of clinical inventory management.  With QSight. From OMSolutions.  Click the "Tell Me More" button above to request a FREE QSight Solutions Kit.  Or call (877) QSIGHT8 today for a personal tour.